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The remote Kimberley

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Our life-changing adventure tours include some of Australia’s most challenging and remote four-wheel drive tracks – visits to rarely seen sacred sites – ancient, pindan red landscapes – abundant wildlife and rich cultural experiences.

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Why Just Over the Hills?

A journey of understanding

The Morgans & Balanggarra Country

Ronnie and Colin Morgan are two generations of Traditional Owners on Balanggarra lands in the north eastern Kimberley. Intrepid four-wheel drivers, they passionately share both Country and culture, expertly guiding travellers and their vehicles through some of Australia’s toughest and most remote terrain.

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Oombi Tag-along Tour

Over the tour you will traverse the 400 kilometre Oombi (Carson River) Track, leaving behind the Gibb River Road near Home Valley Station and emerging again at Kalumburu.

As you travel through this ancient land you’ll follow in the footsteps of our ancestors who have inhabited the remote Kimberley for many thousands of years. You’ll be immersed in culture, awestruck by nature and exposed to the indigenous and pioneering stories of all those who have passed this way before you.

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Oombi Trackers Club

Life-changing journeys,
life-long connections.

Adventures like this are the stuff of legend. Not only will you ford deep rivers with your fellow adventurers, you’ll forge deep and long-lasting friendships. Join us for a Just Over the Hills adventure and find your mob! All travellers enjoy automatic membership of the Oombi Trackers Club.

A wonderful trip with Just Over The Hills, on The Oombi Track in 2022. Guided by the truly amazing Traditional owner Colin. Insightful, spectacular scenery, remote touring, opportunity to fish, camp and share stories. Couldn't recommend highly enough 😀⛺.

Ruth & Pete
Melbourne, Australia

We were privileged to visit the Northern Balangara lands with Just Over the Hills in 2021 and 2022 and in 2021 also traversed the Oombi Track. Our leader was Colin Morgan (Ronnie’s dad). Colin loves to tell a story and bring to life the cultural history of his land, weaving his narrative in to the physical and spiritual environment of the area through which you are travelling. We gained great insight in to the history of the area and his community and whilst he is a story teller, he is also a thinker and willing to engage in open discussion about history and the future which can sometimes be confronting and challenging – I really enjoyed some great chats with Colin in this context.

Jonathan & Trish
Melbourne, Australia

We were satisfied beyond words with our immersion into beautiful “Country”. Such stunning scenery, discoveries, challenges, history and art. The telling of stories all delivered with kindness and respect. A once in a life time trip from which we made memories… baramundi fishing, wildlife encounters, thrilling and technical 4wd ing, cooking on fires and banter. Thankyou Colin and family.

Suzy & Al
Melbourne, Australia

River crossings? Deep sand? Rocky climbs and drops? Muddy claypans? Remote campsites shared only with your group? The Oombi Track has all these and more to attract four wheel drive enthusiasts. The track can only be accessed in company with the traditional owners and provides spectacular Kimberley scenery and an amazing sense of remoteness. Thank you to our Balanggarra guides for granting us access to your lands and for providing deep insights into your remarkable history and understanding of country, while telling the stories of cultural places and ancient rock art. Some highlights? Amazing rock art sites overlooking beautiful Python Pool. Standing at the top of spectacular King George Falls and the breathtaking view of the sea-filled gorge below. The serenity of Barking Owl campsite and cooling off in the Drysdale River.

Will & Wendy
Paynesville, Australia

Being newcomers to four-wheel driving and camping, our first journey with Colin Morgan onto northern Balanggarra country was both exhilarating and spectacular. From fording the Drysdale River to viewing awe-inspiring rock art at Oomari, and the brink of the magnificent King George Falls we felt privileged and humbled by the scale and majesty of the landscape and the generosity of Colin who, with stories of his country, his people and their culture and history, guided and cared for us. A truly life changing experience, and we will be back.

Jen & Chris
Melbourne, Australia