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Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest living culture in the world, dating back more than 42,000 years (and possibly as far back as 60,000 years).

Experience the oldest living culture on Earth


Traditional culture permeates all facets of life, from bush tucker to art. As Traditional Owners, the Morgan family expertly guide you through Country and share precious cultural artifacts and significant sites inaccessible to regular tourists to the Kimberley.

Experience the Kimberley’s most revered ancient rock art in person ­– you’ll be fascinated by stories about the Gwion Gwion and Wandjina figures, but not before permission has been sought from the spirit ancestors by Ronnie and Colin.

Learn about bush tucker like green ants whose delicate, origami-like nests can be found in trees, and native ficus, which cling to rocky outcrops and produce edible fruit. Discover bush medicine such as the bright orange berries of the quinine ‘toothache’ tree whose anaesthetic properties were traditionally used to numb pain.

Throughout your tour you’ll have the privilege to learn about the principles of traditional Aboriginal culture, including:

  • Significant historical sites where ceremonies and conflicts took place
  • Dreamtime stories
  • Bush medicine
  • Bush tucker
  • Rock art and its significance to Indigenous people
  • Tool-making such as boomerangs and spears
  • Flora and fauna

During quiet moments after a long day of 4WDing, you might even find Colin carving boab nuts or demonstrating firesticks!