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Gibb River Road


10 Days

Skill Level



Moderate to Easy


Colin and Maria Morgan began their sojourn into tourism with their bus tours up the Gibb River Road.

Some 20 years later, they are again planning to offer a luxury off-road bus trip for those who don’t want to self-drive. Focussed on the spiritual highlights of the region, this trip will move you and change you. You will see ancestor spirits in the dark spaces between the stars, be enlightened to the delights of bush tucker and learn about bush medicine. Colin is a proud and powerful elder. He is also one of the kindest and gentlest souls you’ll ever meet. Take a moment to walk in his shoes and you’ll be enriched with the knowledge of thousands of years of tradition, and richer again for being able to call him a friend.

This tour is still in the planning stages, so watch this space for more information!



Our Promise

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Tailored to provide excitement, adventure, nature and culture in equal measure, our tours are epic, immersive and amazing.

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Our guides are Traditional Owners and elders of these ancient lands. They are part of Country and Country is part of them. They give of themselves to enlighten, enliven and educate their guests.


You'll be challenged, you'll be enriched. Forge deeper connections with this ancient land and its people.