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Please take a moment to read through our FAQs. If you still have questions, please get in touch!

  • How long is the Oombi Track?

    From Home Valley to the Kalumbaru road, with the side trip to King George falls the Oombi Track is about 450kms long traversed over 10 days. There are faster sections on the plains but a lot of the driving is slow going with some very rough rocky jump-ups and descents with some exciting and challenging river crossings and even a few sand sections.

    How much food and water do I need for the Oombi Track?

    You’ll need to bring enough food and water for the full 10 days. Bear in mind that it will be hot so you’ll be drinking quite a lot of water and depending on the month of your tour, you may be using your water for drinking and washing. Allow at least 5L per person per day so for a couple, we’d recommend a minimum of 100L of drinking water. Ideally you’d carry some extra particularly in August and September when the creeks and rivers will be dry. If you can, bring a separate 10L container so you can collect water along the way for washing.

    How much fuel do I need for the Oombi Track?

    This depends on your vehicle. Ideally you’ll have a long range fuel tank but if not, you can bring extra in jerry cans. Your vehicle will be heavily loaded and near its maximum weight so fuel consumption will be substantially higher than normal – as much as 50% more than normal. The Oombi Track is slow and there is a lot of time spent in low range.

    From Kununurra or Wyndham to Drysdale River where you can reliably fill up with fuel it is about 750km.

    If you plan to fill up at Kalumbaru the distance is going to be about 600km. Kalumbaru has not been selling fuel, except to the locals, for the past three years. This may change from 2023 but best to allow for the 750km to Drysdale River. If you plan side trips to Honeymoon Bay, Munurru or Mitchell Falls you will need further supplies especially if Kalumbaru is not selling fuel.

    Expect to use up to 50% more fuel than highway cruising along the Oombi Track which is about 450km of slow travel.  For the Kalumbaru and Gibb River Roads you might expect to use up to 20% more fuel. Some vehicles may use more. If you drive a petrol vehicle then your figures may be higher again.

    A Landcruiser 200 Series diesel needs roughly 220L to cover the full trip.

    Do we need our own camping equipment?

    Yes. You need to be self sufficient with all cooking, camping and sleeping gear. Some people bring tents, others have roof top tents and others love their swags. We always have a fire in the evening so you’re welcome to cook your dinner on it but you’ll need your own gear including utensils.

    What happens if we have a break-down?

    You’ll need to carry basic spares. There is detailed info in the Vehicle and Technical Requirements section on the tour page on what spares should carry. There are usually plenty of fellow travellers who will pitch in to help you out. We do our best to keep you moving and will attempt to source parts if necessary but as the Oombi is very remote, we can’t guarantee that we can get parts in quickly so your vehicle may need to be recovered if the breakdown is un-repairable on country.

    Check with your insurance company before your trip that you are covered for travel off gazetted roads and including vehicle recovery costs.

    How many vehicles are on each tour?

    We have a maximum of 10 vehicles per tour. Our tours don’t have minimum numbers so once the tour is confirmed, you’re in for an adventure!

    Can I bring my camper trailer?

    No. Camper trailers are not suitable for the Oombi Track. The track is too rough and too tight to bring trailers of any type. Camper trailers can be brought on the Northern Balanggara Lands 5 day tour but definitely not on the Oombi Track.

    Do I have to pay for my kids?

    Kids up to 15 travel free.